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The new SB-721 legislation requires all residential buildings in California of
3 or more units, with exterior elevated elements 6 feet above ground, to complete an inspection by
January 1st, 2025

California SB-721 Inspections

Our 721 inspections are performed by highly experienced, dual licensed, building inspectors and qualified contractors. Their expertise will ensure you get a thorough review of the required exterior decks, stairways, balconies, porches and walkways elevated 6 feet and above. Providing a professional assessment of their current condition and estimated remaining life span for each structure.


The inspection includes an individualized report of the property with detailed photos of findings on all elements and their associated structural and waterproofing integrity, identifying potential deterioration or hazardous conditions.

If any hazardous conditions are observed you will be immediately notified and given recommendations on how to proceed, enabling you to ensure the safety of tenants and protecting the asset property.

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